God’s Love Language

I’ve figured out GOD’s Love Language!love-of-god-tree-heart Gary Chapman’s book, the Five Love Languages, explains how we communicate love to others and receive love from others. In any relationship these languages are spoken: Acts of Service, Gift Giving, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation.  Having considered what truly communicates to your spouse, child or friend that you really love him or her, it is expected that you live together reaching for that moment where you make another meaningful deposit in their proverbial “love bank.”

What if GOD has a Love Language that HE desires you to speak to HIM? Well…He does. John, the beloved, actually reveals it.  Who better to reveal it than him?  He calls himself “the one that JESUS loved.” (Doesn’t that make you jealous?) The Gospel of John has that charm of someone who is intimately acquainted with the Savior: so well acquainted that he highlighted JESUS’ tender moments.

Guess what makes GOD feels loved!

John 14:15 says  “If you love me, keep my commands.”

Obedience!  Today I have purposed to do the things HE has impressed on me to do. Of course, we know to obey HIS Word, but there are also specific things that HE has given you to do.  The willful work of procrastination and complacency numbs our hearts to the urgency of GOD’s instructions.  Intentionally, I set out to make some deposits in GOD’s Love Bank.  What has HE told me to do that I have not done? What about you?  Give GOD some love by being intentional about being obedient. HE loves you passionately!


4 thoughts on “God’s Love Language

  1. I loved Chapman’s book. My wife and I went through it together. Obedience is not a word that people gravitate to but there is no denying that the Bible is full of it. Jesus said it a lot and John re-emphasized it in all of the books he wrote. I think the person who loves Jesus knows that He wants the best for us and the following His commands is not legalistic, it’s our expression of love. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. I wonder if we can make enough deposits to fill God’s love tank? Total obedience would be the goal. And being totally surrounded by Gods love would be the result.


  3. Makes sense to me. Chapman also has a book called ‘the Love Languages of God.’ I haven’t read it (I just read the regular edition and the love languages of children), but obedience would have to be central. Great post.


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