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With Knees knocking…



Have you ever watched Peter Rabbit when either Peter or Benjamin gets into a tight spot? They would say, “Rabbits are brave, rabbits are brave.” At the same time, they know they will have to face the challenge, whether hungry-belly Mr. Todd or the scary farmer, Mr. McGregor.  I can identify with these rabbits the moment GOD tells me to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone.  I know that I won’t say no to HIM and that eventually …
even with knees knocking, I will obey.  Courage is only needed because fear is present. Fear is not an indication that we should change course. Keep moving even with knees knocking. After all, “A good rabbit never gives up.”

“Awaiting water!”

Another in class moment….

It’s not strange to me that GOD speaks without a language. It’s not strange that HE impacts my heart without a word. Not even a slight whisper or a carefully jotted word carried HIS message. Instead it was the faithful feet of LIFE…that promptly arrived with the day’s lesson.

Unassumingly, I walked right into a punctuated moment.  Seconds before concerns tangled my thoughts….but I couldn’t miss this!   Inanimate objects and all cooperated to land this lesson.

Complaining bitterly about our water company’s inefficiencies and failure to supply water after three uncomfortable days, we resolved to accept an offer to wash nearby. A pause on the balcony distracted us from our mission and then…

A worthwhile revelation…large-water-pipe

“Honey,why is that red pipe down by the gate turned across?”

“Do you mean that we had water all these trying days while living out of a two liter water bottle?”

Sure enough when the pipe was released, the water broke out angrily, like unrestrained rage.

I felt the speechless message of GOD stilling my heart…

Like Daniel, I had been answered, even though I had no tangible evidence.


God said yes, but the channels were blocked at my gate.

Selah….pause to consider.


How we pray and wonder why we do not see answers.

How we become disappointed that GOD did not respond.

How we fashion a theology to satisfy the mystery.

When …GOD, who is source,  sent it with abundance, but it is stopped at the gate!!

Gates that need guarding against the substance suckers…

Gates that need guarding against pocket pickers.

Gates that need guarding against the destiny destroyers.

I guard my mouth….so I don’t agree with my enemy.

I guard my eyes…so it leaves no negative image on my soul.

I guard my ears….from the signals that create fear.

But, let the channels to the limitless ONE be opened!

Somebody turn on the water at my gate!