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apples of gold“Like apples of gold in a setting of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances.” Proverb 25:11 

Expressing our feelings can be way overrated! Who said if you think it or feel it you must express it.  That may sound upsetting, but so much could have been avoided if we stopped to taste our words.  Honestly, it does take discipline not to blurt out hurtful words when we are rubbed the wrong way. Some feel they must let that person have it. They may be right at times.  However, there are many of times that we should say nothing, walk away and think it through.  Ask, why am I upset.  If we are honest with ourselves we will learn a lot.  Often times we are really so upset because of a previous wounds that someone callously irritated.  The level of anger triggered at that moment is much more than the situation even merits, but since we are not only reacting to the one stimulus, but the many other things in the past that sent the same message indicating that we are, for example, incompetent, GOD help the recipient.  Unknowingly, this person has walked into a war which started before they were born, if they’re children.

As Christians, self-control is a fruit that seems to grow slowly.  We are all under construction but as we grow we learn to hear the words we are about to say and weigh it against the Word of GOD. Sometimes we are speaking in order to satisfy something within us. Our motive, which contributes to our thoughts, is one of the main culprits.  Why am saying these words to her?  Why am I trying to defend myself? Ask the Holy Spirit for help and the answers will come.  Even when the other person is wrong, I am the only person, I have the responsibility of controlling.

Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin. Prov 13:3

It is a great investment to preserve our words and see if they should even be said at another time or weighed and thrown out.  Not everything has to be said.  When we hold it and take it to GOD sincerely, HE often works on us and change our hearts. Let you and I try not to blurt what is sure to hurt.






Faith That Wobbles


There are unidentified erroneous foundational beliefs that we all have that threatens  our faith. Though we aspire to go from one level of glory to another, we find ourselves deficient in the fuel it takes to get there.


We keep filling up but mysteriously fail to maintain our high fuel level.


Maybe we have a belief system that creates holes in our faith.

Many of us grew up with some amount of superstition marinated into our thinking.  Superstition is one contributor to not maintaining faith and the anointing.

It’s as simple as this:  Imagine if you were cultured to fear darkness throughout your early years.  Eventually, you will esteem the power of darkness and subtly succumb to the deception that this is the greatest power to fear.  Even after adding GOD to the equation of your life, your foundation has been set on a lie. Without realizing it, you have esteemed darkness above GOD.  You would never, of course, open your mouth and utter such nonsense! You know better!

Still you react to darkness and things of the dark world with great fear.  Some adults cannot sleep without the light or the television on.   The truth is that whatever we fear we esteem as greater than what we have or have access to.  Fear resist faith and faith repels fear.

Unless we through revelation seek a true eradication of these foundational errors, we will live a non-productive Christian life.

With every fibre in our being we must face these silent lies and pray them out.  In addition, we must get a truth injection to counteract the work of the lie.  This way we will leave no holes or entry points for the enemy of our souls to exploit us and gain access. GOD the source of all power, strength and truth must take back that place in our heart, where HE alone is feared, revered and stood in awe of.  Holy Spirit is the one who shines the light on the darkness in our souls.

Ask GOD:  What do I believe that is contrary to my destiny in you GOD?


FATHER, Let your light penetrate my soul through every crevice and crease and remove every darkness. Fill my soul with light and truth and make me whole that I may carry your glory more and more. In JESUS name I pray, Amen.