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Faith…Work it!

So I reasoned with GOD…if I believe the WORD…I know that it is as YOU have said. Is that not faith? No! Truly I believe. Faith is not “the substance of things hoped for and the ev…

Source: Faith…Work it!

Faith…Work it!

So I reasoned with GOD…if I believe the WORD…I know that it is as YOU have said. Is that not faith? No! Truly I believe.
Faith is not “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of the things unseen.” No! It is “Being Sure” of the things hoped for and confident of what you do not yet see. Faith1[1]

Being sure of the promise is different from believing that it exists. If I have faith that the promise is true, I make changes to accommodate its manifestation. But…if I believe…I only accept it as a truth. Faith is doing something with what you believe. So what are you going to do?

Think again…

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Okay! Many of us are concerned about our teens/young adults leaving the Church or the faith.   This raises many questions.  What are we doing wrong? Why don’t they want to stay?  What do they want? Is our Church different? There are several answers given by Barna Research as to why some stay.  Still, we are in a place now where we have to think again. Those who claim to have an intimate relationship with GOD, stay!  Those who have a relationship with GOD for themselves stay connected to the Church. This is just where we should be asking questions. How do we connect them to God intimately?

“God, show us how to connect our youth to you.” I have wondered for years how my mother got in me the fear of God.  My best answer is that she modelled it. So how do you make intimacy with God tangible? Yes, you can model it, but it will take mentoring youth in a real sincere way.  I mean that you open up to them and show them how you talk with God daily, enter His presence, seek His face and  find answers.  Then, you also show them how to live with the knowledge of the Word in this world.  It’s transparency instead of a pulpit-pew relationship. Of course, this is most effective in a small group setting.

Hey! We are able to do this big time, because we have the big time help of the Holy Spirit!! We cannot do it on our own!  We have the One who searches all things even the deep things of GOD and reveals it to us! The Holy Spirit equips us with the answers necessary for the unique situations within which we live.  So, let’s think again.

Think beyond the physical appearance of the youth. Think beyond their rapidly sung songs! Think beyond their very catchy slangs. Think again and let’s love them to life!






Can I get away with it?


It was a strange drive back to college.  I knew something was brewing, but though I might just reach my destination fast enough and avoid it.  I could not face her as usual, but I hoped she hadn’t noticed.  Why did my mentor volunteer to take me on this nearly two hour journey? We talked and joked and for a moment I felt relieved.  “It may just be that I am given to a guilty conscience.” She had this way of creating a stillness in the atmosphere that makes you think.  I wasn’t sure if this was taught her at law school, but it could scare somebody.

I scanned my behaviour during the holiday and concluded, “yeah, I’m good.” As soon as the van pulled up to college gate and she leaned toward my face. With an uncommon blend of the fear and love of GOD, she said, “Honey, do not be deceived. Bad company corrupts good character.”


I could hardly move.  Her words were so convicting!  I knew with her keen sense of discernment, my new-found clubbing lifestyle had been made know to her.  She was so gracious all along knowing and waiting for me to say something.

I agreed with her and said my goodbyes quickly, still her words never left throughout my college years.

Youths often need to be reminded of who they are in a way that does not leave them feeling condemned, but convicted by love.

I suggest that JESUS love language is obedience since he said in John 14:15 “If you love me, keep my commands.”

Those who dare to step out and say something you’re doing is not true to who you are may be the one sent to save you.  If you don’t understand right then reserve your response and pray on it.  Our love is perfected in relationships.












“I cant wait to bruk out!”


“I cant wait to bruk out!” A real talk with pre-college students and college students led to this comment.  I love it! She was honest, sweet and beautiful. She was feeling the restraint of Church-life as well as the close monitoring of those in her home.  College seemed like the only true get-away.  How many college students or former college students felt this urge to shed Church life and be free to be?