Expectation Evaporation…


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I realized as the year rolled to an end, that I was tired and so were my expectations.  It felt as if I had been carrying my expectations as a bowl of water on my head throughout the year.  However, the year was ending and the bowl was dry – expectation evaporation! I didn’t want to hear from one more minister! Don’t prophecy how awesome the year will be, I beg you.  This was not at all in light of not having a great 2018.  There was nothing that I was sad about..but ooooh to have something real and solid!  As usual I laid it all out before GOD, who was insisting on speaking the word “cycle” to me repeatedly.  I was done after revisiting my journal of the year and viewing promises that seem to have avoided me.  My feelings were, “Let’s just only say what GOD is saying. Not another word!”  Can you relate?

December to January was significantly reflective.  I yearned for and guarded violently my every opportunity for stillness GOD’s presence.   HE would speak…I knew it!  When HE did…I was excited even as I was corrected repeatedly.  I loved it.  I understood that the body of Christ of which I am a part, had half-quoted the promises of GOD, being careful to memorize what God’s responsibilities were, while ignoring ours.  It’s the “If Then” of the promises.  “If you would…then I will” or “I will do this for you, only do…”  Is it any wonder we are brattishly going about disappointed with GOD who we know desires to grant us the desires of our hearts!!!! Come on! 

The thing is that there is an “If.”  “If you delight yourself in me, I will grant you the desires of your heart.” Ps 37:4  Alarmingly, I heard a minister explain that delight actually means to become supple and pliable in GOD’s hand!!!  Our ability to do so qualifies us for our hearts’ desires being met by GOD! If that part of the clause is not satisfied, neither will the other.  GOD told Joshua that if he were careful to obey then a mountain of blessings would be his. (Joshua 1:7-9)  Psalm 91 is loaded with powerful promises but all of them are for the person who dwells in the secret place.  Likewise Isaiah 54, you know “No weapon formed against me shall prosper?”  This promise is only for those who are his servants.  They live to be of service to GOD and carry out His commands.

Here’s another part-to-play-promise. “Submit to GOD resist the devil and he will flee.”

Sometimes we are ready to enter into warfare before considering what part of our lives has not been submitted to GOD. This could actually be where the enemy received a foothold into our lives. James 4:7

Increasingly, Christians are being conditioned to do nothing and  get everything from GOD because He loves us.  Seriously, Jhn 14:15 says, “If you love me, keep my commands.” That’s the love He prescribes.  So, what if you and I break the cycle of complacency and keep our side of the promise? GOD is so beautiful and faithful!!!

I welcome GOD’s correction, for in it is life.  I am revived not just from revelation of the “If Then Clauses,” but from His presence in the place of waiting in stillness.


2 thoughts on “Expectation Evaporation…

  1. How awesome when we are obedient to Yahshua Hamashiach then he can bless us with His plans and purposes for our lives.
    God bless you. 🙏🏾


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