This site is about  building up and encouraging Christian college students and young adults to own their Christianity.  It is hosted by Pastor and Motivational Speaker, Tania Case, who authored the book “Forming Faith: Owning My Christianity.” The book discusses three faith-building years of her college life, when she grappled with grasping her faith and giving herself completely to GOD. She is passionate about holding the hands of young adults in this very crucial stage.  According to statistics gathered by Barna Group and Lifeway Research, between age 18-30 about 70% of Christian youth depart from the Church.  These research show several reasons for the exodus, yet there is certainly an emphasis on the need for mentorship within the Church.  Another  point brought out by the Barna Group Research concerning the millennials, is that they are in need of teaching that connects their Christian faith to the world around them.  What is the biblical standpoint on the issues of politics, social issues, the economy, etc.? Where they have been left to fend for themselves other extra-biblical teachings have crept in to contaminate their thinking and cause them to question their faith.  Of course, we do not claim to be the answer, but we hope to be a light that illuminates the path of these movers and shakers in GOD’s army.

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