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Bring the light!


I became uncomfortable at the steady suggestions. It was what I did not know I feared.  I sat in Church trying to be normal and simply listen to the word that was being taught. Every few minutes I was prompted by the word to gaze away to this challenge I was being given. The more clear the vision became, the more anxious I became.  I would lose my privacy! I would lose my life as I know it! I would become too accessible!

My protest was met with more details, which served to pull me further in. I could see my yard crowded with the neighbors’ children, shouting out HIS infallible word.  Their songs would wake the valley.  Life would come through their musicals, artworks, and recitals. They would know a tangible GOD.  This was no Sunday School; this was GOD set to art.  It was exciting and scary.  I would need the help of those who are like-minded.  Actually, they just needed to know that the rule is: LOVE. No matter how they looked, talked or acted.

I said “yes,” not knowing how I would be received or perceived, but not asking either.  Brave on the outside and jello on the inside.- “With Knees Knocking.”  On the first day of Mountain Movers Children’s Club, I prayed and prayed and prayed…for rain!  None!

I was addicted to this ministry for seven years.  Sure many will say that it changed their lives: youths, mothers, and onlookers.  Yet, it was my life that felt like it was on steroids.

It was SUPER-natural – Like a group of teens holding hands in a circle and GOD shows up through visions, impressions, and several other manifestations that blew them away!  Like telling over 30 children to bring their book lists since GOD will supply their needs and at the last minute someone unknown from another nation sought a charity to give to and found us.  Like promising 70 children a hot meal for the week of VBS and finding a dirty bag of money at the gate with brand new unsoiled notes the day before….Like seeing the neighbors receive JESUS after dramatizing a modern day court scene where JESUS takes the convicted don man’s sentence. It was priceless the day they would not go home and decided to pray in the front yard while I counseled a girl. I wanted to rest and felt quite out of it.  “So you want GOD!” They responded with a prompt yes. They proceeded to call out on the top of their lungs, “JESUS! We want you!” People stood at my gate probably wondering what I was doing to the children. Then HE came! Some spoke in tongues, while others looked like they had strong drinks. The fact that we had no catchers probably was the only reason they were able to stand.

I had nothing to do with it!

I just said YES.

Where there is purpose, there is provision.

Who HE calls HE qualifies.

So many persons are waiting for one person to bring the light. For that phase of life I mined diamonds in the valley and eventually began mentoring mothers.

Initially,  I feared I would have to give up a lot.  I was right. I gave up more than I thought I would. Wow!  I also gained more than I could have asked, thought of or imagined. Recently, I saw a picture of one of my little girls in her scrubs, gloves and hairnet…on her way to becoming a doctor.  She said, “Auntie, I explicitly remember that Sunday when you taught us how to dream…there and then I realized we serve a limitless GOD!”